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About the Hospital

In 1988 M.S.M. Hospital had a humble start by the efforts of the well known philanthropist body of Imarat Shariah Bihar, Jharkhand & Orissa, Phulwari Sharif, Patna. The object is to provide day to day medical services to the locality which comprised of the poor and down trodden who were obliged to neglect their malaise for want of money.
By the sincere efforts of the management and the staff, the Hospital gained popularity day to day so much so that new services were introduced and Imarat Shariah handed over the management to newly formed Imarat Shariah Educational & Welfare Trust in 1993.
On the very inception this hospital has been involved in social activities i.e. Medical Check-up, Cancer Awareness, Tuberculosis Detection & Free Treatment, Free Eye Operation Camps, Immunization, Epidemic and Prevention Control Programme, Free Health Check-up Programmes etc. in rural areas.




Main Aims and Objects of the Imarat Shariah Educational & Welfare Trust:

Health must be a priority of the Imarat Shariah it has to make all out effort to keep all member of the society to posses pure soul in sound mind and body it has if the resources so allow to establish several hospitals and health centers in different places of Bihar, Jharkhand & Orissa. However, within our financial limitations we have at present, plans to expand and strengthen the M.S.M. Hospital, Phulwari Sharif, Patna in the following way:

  1. Expansion, of maternity ward by adding cabins and increasing beds.
  2. Introduction of Peadiatric ward.
  3. Introduction of nursing and Physiotherapy training center.
  4. Introduction of Surgical unit.
  5. Introduction of Blood bank.
  6. Introduction of Dental Surgery & OPD.
  7. Introduction of Cardiology Department.
  8. Introduction of Orthopedic Department.
  9. Introduction of Skin Department.


On the very inception this hospital has been involved in social activities described as follows :

  1. Medical Checkup, Cancer detection & Awareness Camps:- We arrange Medical Camps free of cost along with Cancer Detection & Awareness camps at different places of Bihar. We have specially arranged two big such camps in the last two years in addition to our permanent and regular endeavour in this regard in our hospital.

  2. Eye Operation Camp:- Every year Eye Camps are arranged where free cataract operations are conducted for poor & destitute. We have been doing this for the last several years in every camp we operate 60 to 80 patient and They served with free Medicines Meals and Blankets by till 543 operations have been performed successfully.

  3. Immunization:- This programme is being run successfully under the supervision of the Red Cross Society of India. Altogether 19,554 babies have been immunized so far.

  4. DOT Programme for T.B.:- This programme is sponsored by W.H.O. The patients of the locality are provided free diagnostic investigations and medicine. One hundred seventy five patients have so far been cured of the malaise and the rest are getting free treatment. The hospital has been acclaimed among the best even by the officials of the Govt.

  5. Epidemic and Prevention Control Programme:- To face natural or man - made calamity we respond to the call of Suffering humanity. We send our medical team on the spot to provide medical relief to riot, fire, the victims of draught, flood road accident, any epidemic we organize camps there as per the need.

  6. Free Health Checkup Programme:- In rural areas as well occasionally, we arrange free medical checkup camp and thousand of men & women are benefited.


  • To work for the advancement of educational science & health.
  • To provide social services, to habituate, assist the handicapped, crippled and to provide assistance to distressed people.
  • To establish a comprehensive heath and hygiene programme.
  • To establish and provide facilities for dissemination of knowledge.
  • To organize Seminars, meetings, conferences, work shops and utilize media for dissemination of knowledge and information in collection of an lightened our look.
  • To establish Hospitals, Clinics, Dispensaries and Health Centers.




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